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Crane Service

What is a Crane Service?

What to look for when calling a crane service?

  • Call today to learn about our crane rental rates

  • Hourly rate and clearly defined rate for travel

  • Lifting capacity of the crane

  • Reliability and dependability on the crane being on the jobsite on time

  • Does the crane have a boom?

  • What is the max weight when fully extended?

  • What are the safety protocols when lifting heavy objects?

  • Is the operator licensed?

  • Is the company insured and bonded?

Often times a construction company, homeowner or business will require something heavy to be lifted. When manual strength, dollies, ladders, scaffolding and other means and methods to move heavy objects doesn’t suffice – the help of a boom crane and operator is required. That is when you call a crane rental agency.

Because crane’s tend to be quite expensive to own, few construction companies own their own cranes, this has caused a crane rental agency to be a necessary provider in the construction industry’s eco-system. When do you call a Crane Rental Agency? Most of the clients we serve, either deal with structural steel, moving hot tubs, lifting HVAC units on top of homes or commercial buildings and roofing contractors that need materials lifted to the rooftops where they are handling repair or replacement of old roofing systems.

Common crane uses

  • Structural steel and functional equipment

  • Erection and dismantling of construction assets

  • Heavy electrical equipment

  • Rebar and other forms of steel

  • Disaster and emergency response crane service

  • Windows and delicate items like glass

  • Cement and concrete panels and other pre-cast heavy materials

  • HVAC – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Units (often very heavy)

  • Trees and landscaping – Once cut and require removal – a crane is great for this

  • (BMU’s) Building maintenance units & window washing systems

  • Tanks and vessels

  • Movie and television lighting and production support rigging

  • Various tanks and septic systems

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