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MANITEX 22101S Crane

Rear mounted crane. 22 ton, 101' tip height + 29 Ft Jib

This 22 ton crane is highly versatile as it allows the operator to move into tight spaces, is small enough to park where other larger cranes may not be able to, yet has the lifting power and height to handle a wide range of both commercial and residential jobs. This rear mounted crane can turn 360 degrees which gives it a huge advantage over other cranes and could potentially save you money whereas other cranes would require multiples moves and setups - this Manitex often gets parks, setup and does its job without having to move. The size of this crane and it's lightweight boom allows it extend further and lift heavier than some of the larger cranes because of its engineering. This crane is known for saving our customers time and money.

Just a few of the items we move

• A/C & Heating Units
• GlueLams
• Machinery & Erecting
• Structural Steel
• Spas & Fiberglass Pools
• Tree Removal
• Emergency Lifting
• Light Poles
• Artwork


• Hot Tubs
• Steel Beams
• Rebar
• Construction Supplies
• Job Boxes
• Shipping Containers
• Landscaping Materials(Stone and Large Objects)
With our crane rental service, you can count on us to be at your job site on time. Our professional crane operators are highly skilled and exercise a great deal of professionalism regarding your lift. Whether it be structural steel, a hot tob, roofing materials or any large or heavy item that requires a crane to lift it, you can count on your local team at Bay Area Crane Service Inc. - We're Local. Call: 415-883-6644

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